Glint Design Matches Seen On House Beautiful

Cigarette carton style case made with acrylic holding 50 black 4inch safety matches.

House Beautiful Article

We're delighted to share the exciting news that Glint Design's matches have been featured by House Beautiful as the ultimate match holders that'll look insanely good next to your candles. Elevate your candlelit ambiance with a touch of sophistication and style.

House Beautiful recognizes the synergy between our match holders and candles, creating a visual feast that goes beyond the ordinary. Imagine a scene where every flicker is complemented by the sleek design of our match holders—a perfect fusion of function and aesthetics.

Glint Design's match holders are not just accessories; they are curated statements that add an extra layer of charm to your candle arrangements. The aesthetic appeal goes hand-in-hand with practicality, ensuring that your matches are always within reach in a stylish manner.

As House Beautiful puts it, our match holders don't just light candles; they enhance the entire experience. Explore the perfect pairing of form and function with Glint Design, and let your candlelit moments become a work of art.

Glint Design is honored to be recognized by House Beautiful, and we invite you to discover the magic of our matches as they seamlessly integrate into your candlelit spaces, creating an ambiance that is nothing short of breathtaking. Illuminate your space, elevate your style—because every moment deserves the Glint Design touch.


matches in cigarette style acrlyic case with a draw string bag next to it and cadles. moodily lit photo.

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